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“I wanted to thank you again for my DREAM KITCHEN. As you are well aware from the countless and repetitive pictures I supplied to you during the planning phase, I had a definitive look in mind and you made my dream a reality. You nailed the look I wanted and worked tirelessly to make sure that it was planned in just the right way. I appreciate the time you took in planning and designing the layout as the flow is amazing and everything has a proper place. I am grateful that you pushed me into going out of my comfort zone in just the right places. Everytime I look at the glass doors and the rise and fall of the cabinet heights, I can't imagine how frustrating it was for you that I was fighting those issues for so long. Now, I can clearly see now how critical they were and how it creates focal points of interest making the kitchen that much more spectacular.


I know that a lot of the relationship between client and customer is based on the customer’s trust in the designer. Even though our tastes are sometimes completely different, you didn't let it interfere in the process. You strived to find just the right cabinet, color, tile, stone and knob that was keeping in the style I so desperately wanted. That is a true design professional!


I know that we have some final details to resolve and I can't wait to see your suggestions for the bar stools and paint color. Now that everything is in place I promise it will be easier for me to make decisions as I can now envision what was so clear to you all of this time. Thank you again.”

Jill C.

Wayne, New Jersey

“We have utilized the services of Ellen Falk of EGF Designs, for two design jobs. The first, our guest room had just become our 12-year old son’s new bedroom and we needed help in paint colors, and generally tying the pre-existing bedroom elements together. Ellen worked with the bedding colors we had already purchased, came up with different colors of paint for the walls and ceiling, designed a fabric headboard to coordinate with the quilt and walls and found reasonable, functional and high-quality furniture to fill in the voids.


We were very pleased with how efficiently and creatively Ellen handled the project. The room came together nicely in a very short time. She even hand-sponged the woodwork with her own special technique. She did not push us to accept her ideas, but laid out the possibilities with pre-researched pricing for our consideration. The room turned out to be a comfortable, timeless and pleasing.


The second project that Ellen helped us with was the design and creation of window treatments and chair upholstery for a double-room that functions as a living room and dining room. It is a very formal room in our turn-of-the-century Victorian house that, if decorated in the true style of Victorian design, would be quite stuffy and overdone for our tastes. Ellen was able to incorporate elements of the Victorian style but in a much simpler and informal way. The fabrics and colors tied the other elements of the room together, and brought out, and up, the colors of our oriental rugs, making a more pleasing, balanced and colorful room.


She considered all our specifications very carefully in all her decisions. For example, the window treatments needed to account for the option of privacy and the need for light coming into the room. These two criteria were satisfied, with consideration for our budget and style preferences. Ellen allowed us to call the shots, and was patient when we changed our mind after she had put things in motion thinking the decision we made was final. Overall, we were very pleased with Ellen’s services.”

Rayna P.

South Orange, New Jersey


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